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Established in 2016, Eagle Rock Restoration aims to bring old homes back to life in Los Angeles. Born and raised in the Eagle Rock neighborhood, owners Chris Vargas and Keely Myres grew up surrounded by classic character homes and love to see them brought into the modern day while maintaining their history and charm. The pair have worked as real estate agents in Northeast Los Angeles for many years, and originally started Eagle Rock Restoration to help clients get their homes to go on the market. The company has since grown, and they have helped many clients update their homes, from refinishing hardwood floors to complete home renovations and commercial build-outs. Eagle Rock Restoration is a full-service construction company with a dedicated staff ready to take on your residential or commercial project from start to finish.


Let’s work together!


General Contractor

Chris Vargas began Eagle Rock Restoration after realizing how difficult it was for his real estate clients to find good help in preparing their home for the market, or complete remodeling projects once they purchased a home.  He had received his first taste of the construction industry while apprenticing with a finish carpenter and general contractor prior to getting in to the real estate business, and loved the feeling of taking a project from start to finish.

When he’s not working on houses, Chris enjoys playing drums with local bands, fishing, and restoring vintage cars and motorcycles.


Project Manager

Keely Myres has been working with houses since 2007, when she got her real estate license. Fast-forward to present day and Keely is enthusiastically helping her team’s clients buy and sell, while taking particular pleasure in guiding clients in getting their homes ready for the market. Looking for restoration projects where she can, she bought and renovated a 1947 cabin-like bungalow in Eagle Rock. Helping the construction company manage projects helps to scratch the remodeling itch, and she was excited to join forces with Chris.

When she’s not hunting for fixer uppers, Keely spends her time planning her next trip out of town, checking out the nearest tiki bar, and hiking with her rescue pup.


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