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Established in 2016, Eagle Rock Restoration strives to restore the beautiful character homes that fill the neighborhoods where owners Chris and Keely were raised, updating them into the style of the modern day, while at the same time preserving their history and original charm. Both Chris and Keely were born and raised in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles and have a deep sense of devotion to the community they come from. The pair have worked as real estate agents in Northeast Los Angeles for many years (Keely for 11, and Chris for 4), and originally started Eagle Rock Restoration to help clients in readying their homes for market. They have since grown, and have helped many clients update their charming homes, from remodeling a laundry room to full-scale home renovations. They are currently renovating their own 1902 Craftsman bungalow in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood.


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General Contractor

A dedicated musician with a background in marketing and the entertainment industry, Chris Vargas brings a welcome dose of talent and dynamism to his contractor role. From working in production for feature films and television (including Dexter, Iron Man, and Transformers) to serving as a Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for an agency in downtown Los Angeles (where he developed social media strategies and influencer activations for clients such as Nike, Pepsi Co., and Supreme), Chris is no stranger to creative problem solving and facilitating seamless strategies from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

It was while apprenticing with a finish carpenter and general contractor after exiting the movie industry that Chris received his first taste of construction. He decided to enter the real estate industry and received his real estate license in 2014. While helping his clients buy and sell homes, he realized how difficult it was for them to find good help in preparing their home for the market, or complete remodeling projects once they purchased a home.

“As a real estate agent, I got to go see and admire the inside of the same character homes that I had grown up riding my bicycle past as a kid. I started to become very aware of not just Eagle Rock’s wide range of architectural styles but the layout of the streets and neighborhoods,” shares Chris. “Since I enjoy working with people and appreciate the homes and neighborhoods of this special area, combining real estate and contracting made obvious sense.” He got his contractor’s license in 2016 and began Eagle Rock Restoration.

In what may be perceived as a twist of fate, Chris’ passion for both music and homes converged when he discovered a house that held a secret stash of vintage drums. Beyond adding a few pieces to his personal collection, Chris devised a renovation plan to give the home a much needed cosmetic facelift and, together with his crew, was able to get the seller $280,000 over the original listing price.

Chris’ early interest in the arts prompted him to attend the Musician’s Institute of Hollywood where he studied drum set performance and the music business. To this day, Chris enjoys spending his free time playing drums with his band and other local artists, traveling, and even refurbishing classic automobiles and motorcycles.


Project Manager

As a partner in her real estate team at Compass, Keely Myres demonstrates poise, expert knowledge, and a penchant for collaboration to all who perform under her leadership. An Eagle Rock native who brings a decade’s worth of experience representing the Northeast neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Keely is the boutique team’s go-to-person when it comes to overseeing all the details of a transaction, whether that means getting a house ready and launched on the market or attracting buyers into a new home.

Armed with a sense of humor and an appetite for worldly travel, Keely chose to pursue a degree in Communications, Media and Popular Music from the University of Liverpool, England. Her experience moving to a different country to attend college would later prove invaluable in her real estate career as it taught her to relate to people who are trying to establish a home outside of where they originally grew up, as well as connect with individuals from all walks of life. Upon returning to California and re-planting her roots in Eagle Rock, Keely began to renovate her family’s 1920s duplex, an undertaking that served as the catalyst to her fruitful career as a Realtor.

“Restoring my family’s duplex to its former glory was deeply satisfying for me and I subsequently became enthralled will all things home-related…I knew that I had to figure out how to work my passion for Los Angeles character homes into a career,” recalls Keely.

Fast-forward to present day and Keely is enthusiastically helping her team’s clients buy and sell, while taking particular pleasure in guiding clients in getting their homes ready for the market. Looking for restoration projects where she can, she bought and renovated a 1947 cabin-like bungalow in Eagle Rock, and restored a mid-century home nearby with her mother. Helping the construction company manage projects helps to scratch the remodeling itch, and she was excited to join forces with Chris.

As a part of a group of female business owners called Boss Ladies of Eagle Rock, Keely stays plugged-in to her local community and surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit. While she loves Eagle Rock, she also loves to explore – emerging from the top of her long list of destinations that she’d like to travel to is Kenya, Italy, Southeast Asia, and the wine region of Mexico. In recent months, Keely has also began learning how to play the saxophone, a new hobby that she also balances with reading and attending live music shows.


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